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  • 24 Jul 2021
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  • 26 Jul 2021
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  • Libertyville, IL
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Base fee:

The Illinois Tactical Officers Association

In Cooperation with the Libertyville Police Department 

is pleased to provide this dynamic training opportunity:


        Libertyville IL.

July 24-25-26, 2021 8am-4pm 

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This 24-hour basic Ballistic Shield Instructors Course is designed and presented for Firearms / Tactical Instructors to provide all of the tactical skill sets, printed material and training outlines required to teach and certify patrol officers to deploy and utilize a hand-held ballistic shield. This course focuses on the ballistic shield and related equipment, training and operational considerations when deploying the shield during law enforcement patrol functions.  Topics covered include: Stances, Movement, Reload/Malfunction Drills, live fire, basic CQB, perimeter operations, arrest team strategies, building searches and other high-risk patrol operations. The course requires student instructors to learn, practice and demonstrate proficiency in the critical individual and team skill sets required to become certified as a shield operator and also teach those skills sets to patrol officers.

METHODS OF EVALUATION: Students will be evaluated by taking a written test, participation in practical exercises and reality-based training scenarios with converted weapons & marking cartridges.

METHODS OF INSTRUCTION: This course will be conducted utilizing the following methods of instruction:

1.In-class lecture & discussion

3.Power Point presentation utilizing a multi-media projector

4.Practical live fire exercises on the range

5.Practical training exercises & realistic scenario-based training

6.Operational critiques, observations and discussions

Required Gear:

Duty gear, Eye/ear Protection, Duty Weapon, Long Gun (if dept. equipped) Helmet (if equipped), Writing Material, and Ballistic Shield (if access to one is available) 300 rounds handgun 100 rounds long gun ammunition. The course requires every attendee to be equipped with a converted patrol rifle and pistol that shoot marking cartridges. Officers should have a minimum of 100 marking rounds (any color). Officers should also bring protective mask and neck protection if available. Officers without converted weapons and marking rounds may attend – ITOA has a limited number of training weapons, so please make every effort to obtain them for the class. 

Course Costs:

Current ITOA Members: $390.00 

Non-Members: $430.00 (Includes a 1-year ITOA membership)

Registration: Register at After completing a registration form and providing payment, you will receive a confirmation email with course requirements and day one reporting instructions.


This is an opportunity for tactical officers to gather together to compare ideas and experiences. Through education and networking, it was hoped that high-risk operations requiring the use of a tactical team would be made safer.

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